Extenz Results isfying his curiosity, he, followed by the rest of the canoes, took his departure. At noon on the 13th, fully twenty three do.uble canoes and forty five single Extenz Results ones, in each of which there could not have been less than seven or eight men, were seen coming off from the shore, and soon perfectly surrounded the ship. At first the savages pretended to come for the purpose Extenz Results of trading, making signs of friendship, and endeavouring to persuade their visitors to remove the ship to another island, where there was better anchorage. Captain Schouten suspected, however, in Extenz Results spite of this, that there was some mischief intended. He therefore ordered his men to arm themselves, and load their guns as well as their muskets, to be ready for an attack. He was not mistaken, for in a short time the savages, finding their signs not attended to, began to shout in the Extenz Results most fearful manner, and then the Extenz Results crew of the King s Extenz Results ship, which was nearest, plying her paddles., forced her with such force against the Unity , that the heads of the two canoes composing it were both dashed to pieces. Extenz Results The rest of the canoes came rushing on from every side, the people in them throwin

g showers of heavy stones on board. As they did so Captain Schouten ordered his crew to open upon them Extenz Results with musketry, and penis strong at the same time the great guns, which had been loaded with bullets and nails, were fired right down on the surrounding canoes. This had the desired effect, for products for male enhancement the savages in the nearest canoes, leaping overboard, endeavoured swiss navy size male enhancement revew to make for the shore, while the others paddled off 1 best male enhancement as fast as Extenz Results they could, Extenz Results endeavouring to Extenz Results escape from the anger of the white men, whom they had so treacherously endeavoured to destroy. It was found that their assailants came from the Extenz Results lower or more southerly of the two i. slands, which the Dutchmen, therefore, named Traitors Island. Not wishing to have anything more to do with such Extenz Results people, Captain best multivitamin for memory Schouten ordered the anchor to be weighed, and the Unity stood towards another island about thirty leagues off, where he hoped to be more fortunate in obtaining refreshments. As the ship approached the island the boat was sent along the shore to sound, for the purpose of discovering good anchorage ground. While the ship Extenz Results was standing off Extenz Results the shore about a dozen canoes came off, bringing a small quantity of f

Extenz Results

lying fish. These the natives willingly exchanged for beads but Captain Schouten, deeming it unwise to allow them to come alongside, ordered them under the stern, when the exchange was made by means of a rope, the beads being let down and the Extenz Results fish hauled up. The savages, having disposed.of their fish, paddled away for the Unity s boat, which was engaged in sounding. Getting up to her, they suddenly made an attempt to board, but their intention being perceived, they were met with so warm Extenz Results a reception from the Dutchmen s guns, pikes, and cutlasses, that two were killed, and the rest were glad to Extenz Results hurry away as fast as they could. The shores of this island were composed of black cliffs with green summits, and numbers of cocoa nut trees growing on them. Several huts were seen scattered Extenz Results about, and at one place there was a large village, close to a shelving beach. As no convenient anchorage was found, Captain Extenz Results Schouten now stood away to the south west, hoping to discover the great southern land of which he was in search. At length, however, on the 18th of May, being in latitude 16 degrees 5 Extenz Results minutes south., and at least one thousand six hundred leag

ues westward of the Extenz Results coast of Peru, without having seen any signs of a continent, Captain Schouten called his officers vydox plus phone number together, and observed that if they continued on their present course they would reach the southern side of New Guinea, and that if they were unable to find a what is the best male enhancement products passage beyond that country, either to the west or north, they Extenz Results would Extenz Results inevitably seeds music man flint michigan male enhancement be lost, as it would be impossible for them to get back, in consequence of prosolution male enhancement pills the east winds which prevailed in those seas. He proposed, therefore, that they should now Extenz Results alter their course Extenz Results to the northward, so as to fall in with the north side of New Extenz Results Guinea. Had he continued how to make penis large on he would have fallen in with the group of islands now called the New Hebrides, and afterwards probably have become the discoverer o