Increase Cum ve dogs know that the quality of puppet toys is very important, a serious saying Autumn and winter is the peak of tofu trading, the woman in the village has to help th.e family to do tofu trading, I don t have much time to make puppet toys. Can I find a woman from a foreign village to make a puppet toy The sales volume has increased, and the supply cannot be reduced. The sales of puppet toys should be Increase Cum able to go higher before. Li Ru said for a while, saying You put the simplest live bag out and package it to two villages. Which village is doing well, Give the village more work and let the two Increase Cum villages compete with each other. Five dogs asked I have to go to the two villages It is a man, you are not convenient to find Lizheng. I mean, you are looking for a wife or a daughter in law who is in the village, and it is high in the village, able to Increase Cum control the woman in the village. Li Ruyi said the way of thinking The clearer, you send people to teach the village women to make puppet toys, this is Increase Cum the art, the village women learned to sell to you, otherwise it is unjust, of course you Increase Cum can not give too low price. The village near Li Village is not rich,

especially the village to Increase Cum the north is very Increase Cum poor, and the village where Shangxian goes further north, it is simply poor that adults and children can not eat a full meal. The women in those villages do not have the skills to do business, they can only do heavy farming, and their status at home is extremely low. If they are given a chance to lear.n Increase Cum to make puppet toys and give them money, they can really change their destiny and even change the fate of their entire family. Whether or not Increase Cum a new industry can make some people s lives better. The Yancheng workshop is the most obvious example. Now puppet toys are also ready to make some women s days better. How much price do I give to the villagers, and how the best male enhancement pill much Increase Cum price I give to the foreign villagers. If you wish, you can rest assured that I will not bully people. Five dogs have clear eyes. Li Ruyi knew that he did not read the wrong person and praised Increase Cum him Well. If you can say this, it means that your sexual peak performance pills review chest is broad, and top male enhancement pills for 2016 the future will Increase Cum be bigger and bigger. male enhancement in michigan The five dogs got their friends affirmation, and 3500mg male enhancement pill they were very happy. I learned from you. You are very good at treating your slaves and tenants.

Increase Cum

Li Ruyi smiled and said When you receive the goods, you don t collect them according to the family, but collect them according to the village. As long as there is a problem with the goods, you will deduct the money. If you make another crime, you will reduce the purchase from Increase Cum this village. Increase Cum If you commit another three times, then give up and find another village. Good. I remember it. I must do what you said. The key is to sign the contract, must be a contract, black and white, Increase Cum and everything is clearly written, even if are any contradictions in the future. I haven t signed a contract with the people in the village. That is because the people I am looking for are all known from an early age. Increase Cum I know the roots. This time I am doing business with the foreigners. I don t know the roots. I Increase Cum will definitely listen to your contract with them. Li Ruyi reminded You are not here today, the contract of the big Zhouguo law is invalid, you will sign it in the name of Ma Rong. The five dogs held Li Ruyi s arm and begged I don t know the words, I don t know the law. Good luck, help me write the contract. Why don t you let my third brother help you write He

wants to help you with things. Li Ruyi knows that Increase Cum Li Yinghua niterider male enhancement reviews Increase Cum is very kind to the five dogs, knows that size genetics pills the five dogs are delicious, t 4 male enhancement pills and if Li Jia has fresh food, Li Yinghua It is necessary to remind Li Ruyi to send the five dogs to eat. He wants to take the scientific test, Increase Cum I can t distract him. When the five dogs came to Li Jia, they were also beaten by Ma, so that she should not Increase Cum be pestering Increase Cum Li Yinghua, don t let Li Yinghua distract her, as if she liked Li Yinghua. It s not like it. In fact, her mind is doing Increase Cum Increase Cum business. I really don t know what love is. At this best over the counter ed products moment, pro v4 male enhancement Zhou double sided smiled and walked, Increase Cum respectfully said Miss, Jiang Boye, Y