Increase Sperm Volume other parts of the islands. There were among these a certain number of worthless persons, vicious and criminal, who on Increase Sperm Volume that account did not dare to return to China. As the multitude of Increase Sperm Volume Chinese was so great, and this low and vicious element was among Increase Sperm Volume them, they were emboldened and, excited by a rumor which was false, although by no means absurd to them that the Spaniards intended to kill them, they revolted, on the night of the eve of St. Francis day of Increase Sperm Volume this year, six hundred and three. With clubs for weapons, they killed on that same day many Spaniards, who were marching against them.. These were of the most noble and valiant men in Increase Sperm Volume the islands, and in the prime of life, under the command of that most Christian and valiant man, Don Luis Perez Dasmarinas. On the third day, with their clubs only, and the few weapons secured from our men whom they had killed, they sallied out Increase Sperm Volume and forced us close to this city. God fought with us, and delivered us, for the good of this Christian community, which is steadily growing in this region. There is no doubt that if God had not blinded them, so

that they should what is the best vitamins for brain not succeed in their mode of warfare, it would not have taken them two hours to kill us all in Manila, and make Increase Sperm Volume themselves masters of all this country Increase Sperm Volume Increase Sperm Volume without the least risk to themselves. This did not come about through any neglect on your Majesty s part to command the Audiencia of these islands to drive. out these infidels, nor through lack of advice from here, but it was due to the fault of your Majesty s chief officers here, in not complying with what your Majesty has ordered them so they have put this country in the greatest danger, and perchance will cause best all natural test booster its entire and Increase Sperm Volume irremediable ruin in the near future. Even since this, the enemy from Mindanao, who are naked savages, Increase Sperm Volume have come and Increase Sperm Volume carried away many hundreds of captive Indians, many of whom straightway became their servants. Nothing is heard in these islands but the top male enhancements accounts of misfortunes. These matters, and the many expenditures that have been made and are still going what male enhancement oridyct is better than viagra on in your Majesty s Increase Sperm Volume royal exchequer in these islands, as male sex enhancement well as many other serious affairs, demand, Sire, that your Majesty send a gener

Increase Sperm Volume

al inspector here, and choose for this a man who is of.great integrity and with great reputation Increase Sperm Volume for purity from all taint of greed. If this inspection be not made, there is no redress for this land. All the said Chinese, about fifteen hundred, have been killed, except it be a few who have been kept as slaves in your Majesty s service. The Spanish residents of this city greatly aided in the fighting, and in their conscientious behavior and in prayer the Indians were very loyal as also the Christian Chinese, except some seven or eight of them. It is not known how this affair will be considered in China. If the alcaiceria of the infidel Chinese is again permitted, I assure you that a second uprising will surely occur. Let them come, but remain in their ships and sell their goods. Your Majesty should not trust the Spaniards, on account of their greed, in anything which may.prove the ruin of this country. I can Increase Sperm Volume do no more than advise. Increase Sperm Volume This letter is brought by a father of the Order of St Augustine, named Fray Diego de Guevara, prior of the convent Increase Sperm Volume of San Augustin here. Increase Sperm Volume His order is s

ending him Increase Sperm Volume on its own affairs, which Increase Sperm Volume are serious and call for much do dick pills work amelioration accordingly they are sending the said father to your herbal sexual stimulants Majesty s presence. I recognize in him a very Increase Sperm Volume religious and learned man. I am sure that it Increase Sperm Volume would be for the great service of the Lord if your rated top best male enhancement pill Majesty would listen to him, and give your royal favor and attention to all what are extenze pills used for he may say in regard to reformation, and the general welfare of his order, and the betterment of this land as to a man who was present in this affair of the Chinese, and knows the misfortunes and captures in male enhancement pill reviews these islands due to the naked Indian wretches of Mindana. o, and as to a learned and religious man. Manila, December 16, 1603. Fray Miguel , bishop, and archbishop elect of the Philipinas. Endorsed Manila, to his Majesty 1603. The archbishop December 16, 1603. September 26, 1606. Have this placed with the other letters credential of Fray Diego de Guevara. LETTERS FROM PEDRO DE ACUNA Sire Having written and Increase Sperm Volume sealed the folio which will go with this, on Friday the Increase Sperm Volume eve of St. Francis day of this year, and set Increase Sperm Volume thereto the date of the foll