Long Sex Pill eads, ribbons, and pieces of cloth were left in exchange, for a bundle of spears which was appropriated. It was at first supposed that these were poisoned, as a green substance was observed on their tips but, on examining them., it was found to be seaweed, and that Long Sex Pill they must have been used for spearing fish. The next day, when Mr Banks, Dr Solander, and the others, landed, they found that their presents had not been removed. While the English were filling casks at a spring, and drawing the seine, when large numbers of fish were taken, the natives Long Sex Pill watched what was going forward without attempting to molest them. Several excursions were Long Sex Pill made by the naturalists on shore, when they also Long Sex Pill kept at a distance. A few animals and numerous gaily coloured birds Long Sex Pill were seen, and vast quantities of plants collected, from which circumstance Captain Cook gave the place the name of Botany Bay, which for half a century it retained. On the 6th of May the Endeavour left Botany Bay, and steered northward. Shortly afterwards, as she was passing along the coast., a seaman named Jackson observed what

he took confidex male enhancement to be the entrance to a harbour, which in consequence was called Port Jackson but Cook did not attempt to enter, penis pump sale being doubtful at the time whether it would prove to be a harbour. The object was now Long Sex Pill to lay the ship ashore, to clean and repair her. As he sailed along he anxiously looked out for a suitable spot, landing occasionally to explore the Long Sex Pill country. He had got as far north as number 1 prescribed male enhancement 16 degrees 4 minutes, when, one fine night, as the ship was rapidly running on, a grating sound was male enchancement heard. Long Sex Pill She had struck upon a reef. The officers and crew hurried on deck. The Long Sex Pill well was sounded she was making a great deal Long Sex Pill of grockme male enhancement reviews water. The boats were Long Sex Pill hoisted out, and attempts made to heave her off, but she beat so violently on the rocks Long Sex Pill that Long Sex Pill the crew could scarcely keep their feet, and she coul. d not be moved. Her sheathing boards and false keel also floated up. As she had struck at high water, though she might not sink, there appeared every probability of her becoming a wreck. Cook did not despair. At once the guns, ballast, and other heavy articles were thrown overboard, and preparations made

Long Sex Pill

for heaving her off when the tide again rose. Happily a dead calm came on, and at daybreak land was seen about eight leagues off. All day long the crew laboured without moving her. The night tide Long Sex Pill was likely Long Sex Pill to be the highest. At length she was hove off into deep water. Now the difficulty was to keep her afloat, for the crew were wellnigh exhausted by their exertions. At length Mr Monkhouse suggested that he had seen a vessel saved Long Sex Pill by fothering a sail that is, covering it thickly with Long Sex Pill oakum, and then dragging it un.der the ship s bottom Long Sex Pill to the place where the leak existed, when the oakum, drawn in by the force of the water, would fill up Long Sex Pill the openings. This was done, and succeeded so well that two pumps kept her afloat until the 17th, when a safe harbour was found, and she was at once hauled ashore. It was then discovered that a fragment of the rock had gone through her bottom, and remained sticking there. Had this fallen out, she must have foundered. Tents and a forge were at once set up on the shore, and the carpenter, blacksmith, and others to assist, were speedily busy repa

iring the damage the ship had received. Long Sex Pill The sick were also strong test booster landed. Of these there were many, for notwithstanding all their care, that scourge of seamen, scurvy, reviews on black mamba 2 male enhancement had already made much progress. Mr pills to make you ejaculate more Banks and other scientific gentlemen made excursions into. the country. They saw several animals, but the Long Sex Pill strangest of all was of about the size of a greyhound, best icariin supplement mouse coloured, and very swift. It had a long tail, and leapt like a hare, while the print Long Sex Pill of its feet resembled those of a goat. It was some time before another of the same species was seen and shot, when it was discovered male and female enhancement pills to be what has since become a Long Sex Pill well known animal, called after the native name, a Long Sex Pill kangaroo. Some days elapsed before any natives were Long Sex Pill seen. At last a gang appr