Malextra Pills mpart by a narrow breach, being appre.hensive of their retreat, were the first to flee. The right wing, which had been separated from the left, observing the terror of the cavalry, to prevent their being overpowered within the lines, were endeavouring to retreat by the same way as they burst in and most of them, lest they should be engaged in the narrow passes, threw themselves down a Malextra Pills rampart ten feet Malextra Pills high into the trenches Malextra Pills and the first being trodden to death, the rest procured their safety and escaped over their bodies. The soldiers of the left wing, perceiving from the Malextra Pills rampart Malextra Pills that Pompey was advancing, and their own friends fleeing, being afraid that they should be enclosed between the two ramparts, as they Malextra Pills had an.enemy both within and without, strove to secure their retreat the same way they came. All was disorder, consternation, and flight insomuch that, when Caesar laid hold of the colours of those who were running away, and desired them to stand, some left their horses behind, and continued to run in the same manner others through fear even threw away their colours, nor did a single man face about. LXX. In this calamity, the following fa

vourable circumstance Malextra Pills occurred to prevent the ruin of our whole army, viz. that Pompey suspecting an ambuscade because, as I suppose, the success had far exceeded his hopes, as he had how to produce more semen seen his men a moment Malextra Pills before fleeing from the camp , durst not for Malextra Pills some. time approach the fortification and that his horse how fast does extenze male enhancement work were retarded from pursuing, because the passes Malextra Pills and gates were in possession of Caesar Malextra Pills s home male enhancement exercises soldiers. Thus a trifling circumstance proved of great importance to each party for the rampart drawn from the camp to the river, interrupted the progress and certainty of Caesar s victory, after he had forced Pompey s camp. The same thing, by retarding the rapidity of the enemy s pursuit, preserved our army. LXXI. In the two actions Malextra Pills of this day, Caesar lost nine hundred and sixty rank and file, several Roman knights of distinction, Felginas Tuticanus Gallus, a senator s son Caius Felginas from Malextra Pills Placentia Aulus Gravius from Puteoli Marcus Sacra. tivir from Capua and thirty two hydromax review before and after military tribunes and centurions. But the greatest part of all these perished without a wound, being trodden to death in the trenches, confidex male enhancement website on the ramparts and banks of the river by reason o

Malextra Pills

f the terror and flight of their own men. Pompey, after this battle, was saluted Imperator this title he retained, and allowed himself to be addressed by it afterwards. But neither in his letters to the senate, nor in the fasces, did he use the laurel as a mark Malextra Pills of honour. But Labienus, having obtained his consent that the prisoners should be delivered up Malextra Pills to him, had them all brought out, as it appeared, to make a show of them, and that Pompey Malextra Pills might place a greater conf.idence in him who was a deserter and calling them fellow soldiers, and asking them in the most insulting manner whether it was usual with veterans to flee, ordered them to be put to death Malextra Pills in the sight of the whole army. LXXII. Pompey s party were so elated with confidence and Malextra Pills spirit at this Malextra Pills success, that they thought no more of the method of conducting the war, but thought that they were already conquerors. They did not consider that the smallness of our numbers, and the disadvantage of the place and the confined nature of the ground occasioned by their having first possessed themselves Malextra Pills of the camp, and the double danger both from within and without the fortifications, and the sepa.

ration of the Malextra Pills army into two parts, so that the one could not give relief to the other, were the cause massive sperm load of our defeat. They did not consider, in addition, that the contest was not decided by a vigorous attack, nor a regular battle and that american superman male enhancement our men had vigrx plus review suffered greater loss Malextra Pills from their numbers Malextra Pills and want of room, than they had sustained from the enemy. In fine, they did not reflect on the common casualties of war how trifling causes, either from groundless suspicions, sudden affright, or religious scruples, have oftentimes been productive of penetrex male enhancement considerable losses how often an army has been unsuccessful either by the misconduct of the general, or the oversight of a tribune but as if they ha. d proved victorious by their valour, and as if no change could ever take place, they published the success of the day throughout the world by reports and letters. LXXIII. Caesar, disappointed Malextra Pills in his first intentions, resolved to change the whole plan of his operations. Accordingly, he at once called in Malextra Pills all Malextra Pills out posts, gave over best male enhancement to increase size the Malextra Pills siege, and collecting his army Malextra Pills into one place, addressed his soldiers and encouraged them not to be troubled at what had happened, nor to b