Volume Pills fishing, but no beach was to be seen, rocks and crags forming the shore. Vasco da Gama and Coelho then went on board Paulo s ship, where the three captains dined.together, and talked cheerfully over the dangers they had encountered and Volume Pills their prospects for the future. The Captain Major next day sent Coelho up the river in a boat but after proceeding twenty leagues, finding no inhabitants, he returned, Volume Pills when the ships got up their anchors, and, aided by the current, the boats towing, they Volume Pills sailed once more into the open ocean. They Volume Pills now continued their course along the land, entering several other great rivers and bays, but meeting with no one on shore nor any boats at sea, and keeping all the time a good look out so as not to run on the rocks or on shoals. As the country Volume Pills appeared to be unpeopled, the Captain Major determined to enter no more rivers. All day long they ran on in sight of the shore in the hope of at length seeing some towns and villages, and at night they stood.away to sea, shortenin

g sail. After being becalmed for some time, another heavy Volume Pills gale arose, and, fearful of being driven on shore, they again stood off 2018 medical top male enhancement pills land. When they buy penis pills had got, as they supposed, far enough out, they sent down the loftier spars, secured the lower masts and yards with additional stays, Volume Pills and, with all canvas furled except their foresails, prepared to weather the storm. On Volume Pills Volume Pills finding the fierce wind which began to blow, the pilot and master urged the Captain Major, for fear the ships should founder, to run back Volume Pills along the coast and enter the river which they had before discovered but he replied that he would not allow such words to be spoken, for, as he was Volume Pills going over the bar at Lisbon, he had sworn not to turn back a single foot of the way he had once samurai x male enhancement review gained, and whoever should dare to counsel such a proc. eeding should be hove overboard. Notwithstanding that fastest working natural male enhancement the tempest increased he remained firm. The gale now blew from what products of male enhancement is the best one quarter, now from another. At times the wind fell, but the sea continued tossing abou

Volume Pills

t with such power that the ships, labouring severely, were in great danger, now lurching on one side, now on another while the men had to Volume Pills secure themselves from being washed overboard Volume Pills or dashed along the decks. As yet things had not grown to their worst. It became difficult even to work the pumps, while the water came in both from above and below, and many of the crew sank and died. Again the pilots and masters of the other vessels urged their captains to put back but they received the same answer as before, that as long as Vasco da Gama set the example Volume Pills Volume Pills they could not accede to their request, while he declared t.hat even should he see a hundred die before his eyes, return he would not, for that by so doing they would lose all their Volume Pills labours. He reminded them that having already doubled the Cape of Storms, they were in that region in which India was to be discovered. Trust in God, He will deliver us, he added. Notwithstanding the brave words of their leader, the seamen continued to clamour but eve

n though the sea began to go down and the wind to abate, and the ships were able to get best volume pills nearer each other, the crews with loud cries insisted that they should seek for some harbour where they might be repaired. On this Vasco stamina pills to last longer in bed da Gama again swore extenze time to work by the life of the King, that from that spot he would not turn back a span s breadth Volume Pills until they had obtained the information they had come to seek. The sailors shouted that they were many, a. nd that they feared death, though their captain took no account of it. Vasco da Gama replied that pennis enlargement equipment he Volume Pills took the same account Volume Pills of death Volume Pills as any of them, but that they had heard his resolution, and he intended to keep to it. At this Volume Pills juncture a furious blast struck the ships, the sea again getting up in such a way that they were frequently hidden from the sight of each other, and could only be perceived as they rose to the top of a sea before again Volume Pills falling into the trough. Lights were hung out so that they vacuum pump male enhancement might keep together, for the Captain Major had been warned before sai